28 Sep

Tibetan medicine

Yangdron Kalzang
Mempa (Means doctor in Tibetan) Yangdron Kalzang earned her traditional Tibetan medical degree from the Tibetan Medical University in Lhasa, Tibet. She also received her Masters Degree in traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches Institute, Santa Cruz, California. Currently she is a licensed Acupuncturist. Mempa Kalzang was honored with an intensive apprenticeship with Guru Khampo Trout Ru Tsenang, one of the most well known Tibetan Doctors in the world, to continue educating herself in the field of Tibetan healing.

Mempa Kalzang has been practicing traditional Tibetan Medicine as well as lecturing, and offering workshops and seminars on Tibetan medicine in Montpellier, France 2006 at second international forum on Buddhism and Medicine for Depression and at various universities in the United States including Stanford University, the University of California at San Francisco and Santa Cruz, City College of San Francisco, and Rice University in Texas. She lectured at the 1998 and 2003 Congress of Tibetan Medicine in Washington D.C., as well as the California State Oriental Medical Association Conference in 2002 and 2003.

Mempa Kalzang is the founder and director of the Tibetan Wellness & Healing Center in San Francisco (www.tibetanhealth.com). She has taught Tibetan medicine courses at Five Branches Institute, Santa Cruz, California.

Mempa Kalzang closely works with the Shang Shung Institute in Conway, Massachusetts as one of the original curriculum developers and consultant in the planning of a certificate program in Tibetan Medicine (www.shangshunginstitute.org).

Mempa Kalzang has published articles on Tibetan medicine in Mandala Magazine, a Tibetan Buddhist Journal, in June/July Issue 2004 (Tibetan Healing) and June/July 2005 (Integrating Tibetan and western medicine in the treatment of Anxiety).

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