29 Sep

Hostess Double Wackys – Wacky Packages 1975

Hostess Double Wackys Riding on the success of their ” series,
the Continental Baking Company decided to extend the offer to other brands.  Back in
1975, Wacky Packages could be found in boxes of Hostess Cupcakes, Twinkies, and Ho-Ho’s.

were 24 wacky titles from series 1 thru 8, printed in pairs.  All have ” and carry a
T.C.G. copyright with no asterisks.  Most often these stickers are found as “, having
been cut in half.  The missing asterisk is an easy way to spot them.  Also it
seems that a printing defect has left a ” on
many Hostess Wackys.

Originally, Sneer Detergent was to be part of this set.  But for some
reason during production, it was replaced with Baby Runt.

Certain combinations of titles are rarer than others, and note that one
pair is flipped left-to-right.  The ” combo is
common in this series, while the ” pair
is rare.  You can see the ratios on the uncut production sheets below.

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