30 Sep


More Information What is it? What does it do? Prescription Clitoral Cream Made With ViagraВ®     A prescription only rapid acting sildenafil citrate clitoral cream     Pharmacy compounded using granulated ViagraВ® to increase clitoral
and vulva sensation, promote healthy genital blood flow, and improve sexual
    Works in area applied in 15 to 30 minutes     Sexual pleasure enhanced     Clitoral and vulva stimulation from arousal
and genital blood flow
           * Increase
           * Create easier, faster, and more
           * Intense climax experience
    Women report easier, faster orgasms     Women report stronger orgasms

    Recommended to periodically enhance sexual response to loving intimacy for healthy women

    May be helpful in the treatment of a variety of female sexual problems
including hypoactive sexual desire disorder, hypoactive sexual arousal disorder,
female orgasmic disorder, inadequate lubrication, sexual pain, and sexual dysfunction
secondary to medication or illness
    May be helpful to women who have experienced decreaed sensitivity
due to taking antidepressants
This prescription compounded medication made from real granulated
ViagraВ® brand Sildenafil Citrate is not an herbal or over the counter supplement.
This compounded medicine is not marketed, manufactured, distributed or endorsed by
Pfizer,В® Inc., manufacturer of Sildenafil Citrate tablets sold under the registered
trademark ViagraВ®.

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