30 Oct

10 great podcasts on urology

Urology is a medical field that focuses on the urinary tract as well as the male reproductive system.  As such, it encompasses a wide range of specific subjects.  Everything from a simple bladder infection to prostate cancer falls under the urology field.  And like most medical subjects, it is constantly evolving as new techniques are uncovered each day.  These podcasts focus on urology in all its various forms and are perfect if you want to learn about urology or stay up to date on all that is happening in the field.

  • TTMed Urology International – This podcast focuses on urology and is optimized for use with the ITunes software.  If features sit down interviews with leaders in the field.
  • MUSC Health – The Medical University of South Carolina hosts these podcasts, each of which are short and targeted on specific subjects within the urology field.  You simply need to select the topic you want to learn about to hear the basics concerning it.
  • UroToday Podcasts – UroToday is a website devoted to the latest developments in urology, and has a huge assortment of related podcasts to choose from.  Interviews, news stories, and more are available for free.
  • StillWater Medical Group – The StillWater Medical Group provides these free podcasts, each of which focuses on a different topic.  From prostate cancer to erectile dysfunction, all urology subjects are covered here.
  • Urology Times – Urology Times has begun a podcast program that aims to keep listeners informed on all of the various developments in the urology field and offers its podcasts for free.
  • Medscape Urology Podcast – This is a direct link to the ITunes page for the urology podcast from Medscape.  It offers up to date news and breakthroughs in the field as well as interviews and other content well worth hearing about.
  • Medreviews Urology Podcast Series – These podcasts are part of the Medreviews Medical Podcast Series and focus on all aspects of the urology field, with basic information as well as new breakthroughs.
  • Urology Specialists Podcasts – These urology based podcasts are done by several licensed urologists and are also available in video format for your convenience.
  • Mayo Clinic Urology Podcasts – These podcasts are hosted by the Mayo Clinic and are part of a huge collection of medical based podcasts.  There are a variety of different subjects addressed in these pods, from the basic to the advanced.
  • Lancaster Health – Lancaster Health has a long list of urology related podcasts, each of them focusing on a specific issue.  You’ll likely find your questions answered here.
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