26 Nov

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Pharmaceutical companies are under regulatory scrutiny by many entities. In many cases, they are being hounded by the FDA and the FTC. So, what is the best way for pharmaceutical companies to manage and utilize social media? While we see many companies using the pretty bells and whistles of social media like fanpages and widgets, we don’t see many of them getting social. This is where many companies are missing out.

The change of tide for advertising happened when companies in the pharma space started changing their marketing from “buy this” to “ask your doctor about this” in order to move the marketing into the hands of the patient.  They can now do the same thing using social media. Successful social media (in pharma or in any other industry) relies on real-life interactions by real people with a following. Not to be confused with “influencers” which can be a fallacy in most cases. You need to engage the real users of the products and/or drugs to help spread your word, and this is easier said than done.

Our team has found success in using real people who have already spoken about one of our client’s drugs. We also have medical doctors, pharmacists, and plenty of moms and dads on our team that help with real interaction.

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