27 Nov

Register your vehicle today

All these tasks are performed through the competent body of detran mg. Let us describe the functions of a common DMV in a few points: Driver’s license and identification A driver’s license is an important document and can be issued only through detran mg. It is an extremely important to be an owner of driver’s license in order to legally drive your vehicle in any state. A driver’s license is also a very stable and useful identity proof which is acceptable in states outside Minas Gerais. Driver certification A driver’s license usually requires you to first clear a driving test. Without clearing your examination, you cannot get a license to drive your vehicle legally. Through detran mg, you can track the results of the examination and check the status of your license. Vehicle registration and ownership When you buy a new vehicle, it is more than important to register it with the government. As the owner, the title of the vehicle is assigned by the government and the Department of Motor Vehicles plays the major role in this. It is the duty of detran mg to keep track of loans, collaterals etc. for those who buy their vehicles on loan.Read more over here.

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