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How to build muscle fast

Guys who are into working out and achieving lean, muscular physiques are always trying to figure out how to build muscle fast. For most people the muscle building process is slow and arduous, moving at a snail’s pace with frequent plateaus. They lift heavy in the gym and do everything the fitness magazines tell them to do but the results are still slow to come.

The real secret to fast gains is that a takes a well rounded effort. You must train properly, eat properly, get plenty of rest, keep your stress levels in check, and take the right supplements. If just one of these elements is off it could derail your whole program and keep you from making any real progress at all.


If you want to learn how to build muscle fast, you have to learn how to train the right way. What this translates to in the gym is pushing yourself and going that extra mile. If the type of weight training you are doing is not challenging enough, it will not cause your body to grow. The body will only build new muscle when it “thinks” it needs it to meet the demands being placed on it. This means when you are performing a set of a certain exercise, bench press for example, you have to squeeze out those last two reps even if you think you cannot do them. This is the kind of stimulus that tells the body it must grow.

Eating for Growth

Just because you know how to build muscle fast in the gym does not mean you will be successful. Your body needs the fuel to get through hard workouts and the nutrients it requires to grow. This means you have to eat the right foods and enough of them to get the job done. You will need to eat 5-6 meals each day and get plenty of protein, complex carbohydrates and essential fatty acids if you want to start adding slabs of new meat to your frame. Eggs, chicken, grass fed beef, brown rice, sweet potatoes, olive oil, avocados and plenty of green vegetables makes up the recipe for success here.


You do not have to go to the health food store and spend hundreds on supplements each month, but there are a few basics that will really help you progress. A good whey protein powder is one, and fish oil and vitamin D are two other essentials. Learning how to build muscle fast requires that you know what your body needs and make sure you are providing it.

Lifestyle Choices

Sleep and stress management are two other key factors. Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night, and if you have a stressful job, make sure you have an effective way to unwind and decompress at the end of the day.

Now that you know how to build muscle fast it is time to start following the tips in this article and making it happen. Start saving money, as you will need some bigger t-shirts soon.

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