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A few “useful tips” about flu


A few “useful tips” about flu

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Cough and running nose, these are the most common symptoms of having flu. It seems to me that everyone has it right now. Everyone is sick and it really doesn’t invite to the family meetings. Don’t you hate this season?
I would like to help you somehow in that hard time. As a nurse I think I may be able to give some tips you should follow when there is a flu season. There are maybe causes of cough and runny nose, it may be because of a simple cold or influenza. You can distinguish many types of the virus which causes flu: swine, Iraqi, Asian, rhinovirus etc. I hope they won’t start naming the diseases with women names like they do in case of hurricanes. That would be funny to have Sweaty Sarah or Snotty Susie or maybe some other even more originally named disease. Above, there are listed the most important things you should remember in case any of the members of your family gets sick:
• At first, you should check whether your child is really yours. Swaps happen from time to time and maybe it is you who raise another’s woman child. If it’s true, it means that somewhere is your real kid who may not be sick at all.
• If it is your husband who got sick then you should try to escape as soon as it is possible – it may be a great opportunity to get divorced.
• If you really feel a need to help the sick member of your family then nothing can be done. It’s hard to argue with that.
• You should go to the drugstore immediately. Buy some necessary stuff like cough and cold meds, medications which will lower the temperature and what is the most important, the alcohol for medical purposes or in case you would have enough of your sick and complaining family.
• Go to do some necessary shopping. You will definitely need an iPod and earplugs. They will be very useful to ignore the complaints and moaning of your husband or kids. You will be able to rest without hearing all of their talks and coughing. Isn’t it a wonderful method for a good day?
• Get to know what your patients would like to eat for dinner and then buy only a small amount of these products. Thanks to that strategy you won’t be forced to clean up their vomits.
• Don’t try to cook delicious courses because your family patients will never have the motivation to get better. If the food will be yucky they will pray to get better and to be able to go outside to eat something normal. And this is what you want to achieve isn’t it. It’s the best therapy for all diseases.
• You should be prepared for the worst part of a flu – vomiting. Check whether all your bins are made of plastic not of wicker. They will be a great aim for your ill husband or kids in case of vomiting. You can also leave one plastic bag in every room just in case. If you don’t want to do this you can place the sick person in a bathroom which is an extremely convenient to you.
• Disease can be a great opportunity for you to teach your children that some liquids that come out of our body are simply disgusting and there is no need to describe them in every possible detail. There are many adults who do that and it is really unpleasant to hear about all the detail of someone’s…. you know what.
• You have to be aware of the fact that flu is very contagious. You have to protect yourself from the disease but don’t forget to prepare in case you will get sick. You should take such an option into consideration.
• I hope you know that when a husband and kids are sick it is expected that wife will do all the necessary stuff at home, that she will cook and indulge the sick ones. But if it is the wife who is sick, then no one will help you. You will be left alone with all the daily obligations, hungry and weakened. That’s why apart from avoiding your family and the germs they spread all around them you should buy some of your favourite groceries which may turn out to be useful in case of your disease. You won’t be forced to eat what your husband will cook but what you really want and like. It’s always better to be prepared than to be surprised by the disease.
When you feel tired about your family’s disease you can hide at your bedroom telling everyone that you feel weakened and that it’s probably the flu. You should also add that you don’t want to re-infect your kids or husband. I can promise you that they will leave you alone in a second. Just to be sure you can pretend for a few minutes that you really are sick and that you have a terrible cough. Complain a little about your headache and temperature. I’m sure they won’t even come close to your doors after such a performance. When you do all these stuff the only thing that left is to relax. Take a book or watch some TV and try not to think about anything important. This is your time to rest and relax.

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