04 Dec

Kuwait fund pumps another $5 million into egal international airport upgrade project

This Proves We Have Earned the Confidence of our Kuwaiti Donor -Aviation Minister

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland minister of aviation and air transport Hon Mahmud Abdi Hashi has of last night signed a new agreement with the Kuwait Government estimated to be $5m at a function held in Kuwait city the capital of Kuwait.

The signing of the new agreement by Hon Mahmoud Abdi Hashi pumps additional $5 Million to the project previous 0 Million which will be utilized for the construction of the remaining 1km of runway, installation of lighting system for night landings as well a security perimeter fence and aircraft hangars at the Egal international airport.

The Kuwaiti Fund expressed the main donors of the Egal airport upgrade expressed their satisfaction with works during a public meeting held at the civil service institute last week in what many termed as a rare happening in the country after for the first time members of the public were given a chance to ask government officials among them minister of Aviation question about the project.

Dr. Nabeel Abdurrahman said the contract was awarded to company in accordance with standard contract terms; the payment for the project was conditional to be released upon completion of each phase. Kuwait government being, the financer of the project had nominated a third party from their end to certify the completion of each phase, so that, the payment for that phase be released to the concerned contractor.

That was what exactly happened in the case of the contractor of the project and the payments of all stages of the project were released subsequent to the financer receives the certification of their nominated their third certifier.

Another notable contract US $ 800,000 was awarded to Dareel a local construction firm following successful bidding to refurbish, renovate and build extra facilities necessary for the terminal. The same includes enlarged modernizing arrival and departure lounges, as well installing five new wind turbines wind data monitoring station will also assist in powering the airport.
Modern Buildings and other facilities

Modern Buildings and other facilities

The current extended terminal was constructed by Chino Huno Group and now extends 7,875 feet in length and has five wind turbines provide power and we also plan to add another 13 KM of runway in the future which will be funded by the government of Somaliland in the near future.

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