31 Jan

Are Genital Wart Treatments Effective?

Small growths appearing within the area of the genitals are officially called condylomata acuminate but this is more popularly called genital warts. These growths can appear around the anus, on the penis and within the area found between the anus and the genitals (perineum). The vaginal openings as well as insides of the vagina are areas that can also harbor these growths in females.

These growths are very contagious and are spread thru intimate sexual contact or thru sexual intercourse. People infected with condylomata acuminate or genital warts and if that person is sexually active with multiple partners are a deadly transmitter of this disease.

Genital warts removal is not readily apparent upon infection because the first symptoms can only appear within eight to 18 months after the initial contact. Thus generally, people are unaware that they are infected but only after this long period of time it will become apparent.

Genital warts are caused by the human papilloma virus or HPV. More than 60 strains of these viruses are generally harmless and do not cause any serious health hazards but some strains of this virus are considered to be carriers of cancer cells or can cause cancerous genital warts in people. These can include cervical or penile cancer. These forms of warts are dangerous and if detected early can prevent and reduce the spread of the virus. Genital wart treatments are necessary in this stage.

At first these growths are rather harmless but it can also lead to a serious form of cancer. But in the first place how can we prevent contracting genital warts? For people actively engaged in sexual activities using latex condom is the simplest one. During sexual intercourse latex condoms can prevent the transmission and contracting of this virus.
How to determine if a person is infected with genital warts?

* Physical examination – these examinations can include Pap smear where the doctor gets a small sample of the cervix by scraping the walls of the cervix. Another type of examination is thru the use of the so-called colposcope. Colposcope is an instrument used for viewing the inside of the vagina as well as of the cervix.

* Blood samples – samples of the blood should be taken if the person is suspected to be infected with genital warts. This exam can also identify other forms of sexually transmitted disease other than genital warts like AIDS and gonorrhea.

* Discharge samples – these discharges are taken from the vagina or the penis and are taken to the laboratory for examination. These discharges are oftentimes white and odorless and can come emanating from the warts itself.
* Biopsy – biopsy is the physical removal of a small tissue and then examining it inside the laboratory. This process can also be used to determine if the tissue is cancerous or not.

Below are some effective ways for the genital warts removal or genital wart treatments:

* To physically destroy the warts, a doctor or any medical professionals may apply chemical solutions like podophyllin or trichloroacetic acid. This acid can gradually destroy the warts and prevent it from coming back.

* Warts can also be removed by the application of liquid nitrogen to the affected parts. Liquid nitrogen freezes the warts thereby destroying the virus. This process is popularly called cryosurgery.

* Another process to remove warts is thru electrocauterization or burning the warts with laser. An intense beam of light is directed at the infected part thus burning away whatever warts that remain.

* Genital wart cream is sometimes prescribed by doctors. But be sure to ask the doctor for the specifications because some types of skins are very sensitive to the chemical content of some genital wart cream. Instead of treating the warts, the cream may worsen the situation.

The sexual partner of the infected person should also be examined by the medical doctor. The early detection of the virus, the better the chance that the virus can be cured. Do not attempt to treat the disease thru self-medication as this may worsen the situation. It is always best to consult licensed medical professionals if a person is suspected to be infected with genital warts.

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