06 Feb

Tips to Know Signs Breast Cancer and Acid Body

The Major Health Concern

Breast cancer is a major health concern and you need to know if you have any symptoms or signs of breast cancer. According to a recent worldwide survey, breast cancer is the second biggest cancer after lung cancer and the fifth largest cause of cancer deaths in the world.

How Cancer Cells Grow and Thrive

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women. The number of cases worldwide has increased significantly since the 1970s, should be blamed is the way we eat and the pollution that exists in water, air, and food in addition to other aggravating factors for cancer is our own thoughts. Toxins and chemical pollution resulting in acid and free radicals in our bodies and make our mind becomes negative. Acid and free radicals that change the pH of your body and that depletes oxygen in your cells allows the cancer to grow and thrive. To protect yourself against cancer, you need to know the signs of breast cancer so you can take action as soon as possible and to learn good nutritious eating habits.

The Recommended Screening Method

Due to the high rates of breast cancer among older women, so now a lot of screening is recommended in many countries. Screening method recommended is self examination and mammogram. This test is estimated to reduce the breast cancer mortality rate related to 20-30%. It’s highly recommended routine screening mammogram yearly and in women older than age 40 or 50.

The Capabilities of Mammogram Screening

Sometimes the mammograms cannot detect all possible cancer tissue. They can detect some calcification of calcium, which may indicate the presence of cancer. Calcium can deposit in the tissue and this is caused by the acid body. To stay in the solution, sodium calcium must have enough fluid surrounding it. Alkaline body, there is plenty sodium to keep the calcium in solution, but the acid body, calcium will precipitate out and form crystals.

The Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Early signs and symptoms of breast cancer that is usually not painful. This is probably the reason why most women do not know they have breast cancer until after the signs and symptoms of Breast Cancer begin to appear. You should see your doctor, if you see the following:

– Lump in armpit or above collarbone that doesn’t go in two weeks or so. Even though most lumps in the breast are not cancer, there is no harm if you see doctors.

– Breast discharge is a common problem and rarely become cancer symptoms, but if it happens to just one breast or bleeding, immediately check right away to your doctor.

– Nipple inversion is a common in normal nipples, but nipple inversion that has developed recently and be of concern in medical world.

– Changes in the breast skin including redness, changes in texture and wrinkles. These changes are usually caused by a skin disease but sometimes can be associated with breast cancer.

Benefit of Alkaline Body

Breast cancer is a condition where you lack of oxygen in your cells and have a body acid. To prevent cancers form, you need to learn how to make your body more alkaline. Concentrate on how you can make your body more alkaline. Alkaline bodies not only stop the cancer but also prevent most diseases are formed in your body.

Do not wait until you have any symptoms of breast cancer or other diseases; begin increasing your health habits. From now on learn about good nutrition and how you can be free from disease.

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