09 Feb

How To Know The Difference Between Internal And External Hemmoroids?

Engorged veins, or hemmoroids, happen in the anal canal. While it is unbearable, it is not deadly. 10 million Americans have had, or do have, hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids have two variations, external and internal.

When swelling of the veins inside the canal cause internal hemorrhoids. If the swelling happens near the anal opening, external hemorrhoids form. It is possible to suffer from both at the same time. Treatments and symptoms will vary depending on which one you have.

The cause of pressure on the veins in the rectal or pelvic area can lead to hemorrhoids.

Movement of the bowels is maintained by tissue, inside the rectum, that fills up with blood. If bowel movements take effort, the force might make the veins to engorge and broaden causing hemorrhoids.

Force from constipation or diarrhea.

Those who are pregnant will more than likely suffer from hemorrhoids at some point. The weight of the fetus in the pelvic region increases the stress on the veins. Also the stress on the veins during labor is known to create hemorrhoids or can make them worse.

Those who are overweight are more likely to suffer from hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of both types include bleeding during bowel movements, itching and pain when cleaning the area.

For internal hemorrhoids, blood may be present on your bowel movements or on toilet paper.

Internal hemorrhoids are generally little, distended veins in the wall of the channel. The veins may also protrude from the rectal region and are quite large. When compressed by the rectal muscles they are excruciating if they protrude. It is also excruciating if they are cut off from the blood supply.

With external hemorrhoids, a tough mass normally develops because of the blood gathering in that area. This is agonizing.

Letting your doctor perform a physical can normally tell you if you have hemorrhoids or not.

Assessments might not be required for those under 50 if the doctor believes the bleeding is due to hemorrhoids. Using a finger that is covered with a glove, the doctor will perform a rectal exam or use a lighted scope to view the inside.

There is a chance that the sigmoidscope or a colonoscopy may be performed. This is due in part to anal, colon and rectal cancer all having signs of bleeding. These procedures will only be done if hemorrhoids are not found to be the cause.

Taking over the counter medication, drinking plenty of water and having enough fiber in your diet can help prevent or cure hemorrhoids. These home remedies can be used for most external hemorrhoid treatment.

Use the same cures listed above to aid in treating internal hemorrhoids.

If the internal hemorrhoids are bad enough, other forms of treatment might be necessary. Doctors can use scar tissue and rubber bands to tie of the hemorrhoids. Since the blood supply decreases, they will become smaller or disappear.

Surgery might be required if home cures do not work.

To prevent hemorrhoids or keep them from worsening eat foods high in fiber like fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Drink plenty of water and exercise regularly to for prevention efforts also.

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