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Generic Maxalt is used for treating acute migraine headache with or without aura (flashing lights, wavy lines, dark spots) in adults. It should not be used to prevent migraines or cluster headaches. It works by narrowing dilated blood vessels in the brain, relieving migraine headaches.

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Generic Mevacor is used for lowering high cholesterol in certain patients. It is used along with an appropriate diet. It is used in certain patients to reduce the risk of heart attack and chest pain caused by angina. It is also used to slow blood vessel blockage and to reduce the need for medical procedures to open blocked heart blood vessels. It works by reducing the production of certain fatty substances in the body, including cholesterol.

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Generic Motilium is a medicine that increases the movements or contractions of the stomach and bowel. It is also used to treat nausea and vomiting caused by other drugs used to treat Parkinson’s Disease.

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28 Sep

Healthy Heart Tips


Walking reduces risk of heart attack. In a long-term study of more than 72,000 women aged 40 to 65, those who walked briskly for at least three hours a week cut their risk of a heart attack by nearly 50 percent. The New England Journal of Medicine

Choose Healthy Fats

Eating some fats actually reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. The healthy or protective fats include non-hydrogenated vegetable oils (not hard at room temperature), trans fat free margarines and fats, and foods high in unprocessed vegetable oils such as nuts, olives, avocado, and flax seed. Limit all animal and solid fats. American Heart Association


People who ate nuts frequently (5+ times/week) had only half the fatal heart attacks and even fewer non-fatal heart attacks compared to those who seldom ate nuts. Nuts are a good example of how a food high in healthy fat actually lowers the risk of heart disease. “Nut Consumption and CHD Risk,” Arch. Internal Med.

Whole Grains & Stroke

In the Nurses’ Health study, women who ate 3 servings of whole-grain bread and cereals daily had a lower risk of stroke—from 40% in all women and 50% lower in women who never smoked. Stroke is the 3rd leading cause of death. Journal Am. Med. Assoc. 2000

Fruits & Vegetables

In this 20 year follow-up study of middle-aged men from the Framingham Study, researchers observed, men who ate the most fruits and vegetables had about half as many strokes. Journal Am. Med. Assoc.

Excess Weight and BP

Good news! Losing just 10-15 pounds can make a big improvement in blood pressure. In the TONE study, people who reduced their weight by only 8-10 pounds saw a significant drop in their blood pressure (36% were able to get off or reduce their BP medication). The National High Blood Pressure Education Program of NIH

28 Sep

Tibetan medicine

Yangdron Kalzang
Mempa (Means doctor in Tibetan) Yangdron Kalzang earned her traditional Tibetan medical degree from the Tibetan Medical University in Lhasa, Tibet. She also received her Masters Degree in traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches Institute, Santa Cruz, California. Currently she is a licensed Acupuncturist. Mempa Kalzang was honored with an intensive apprenticeship with Guru Khampo Trout Ru Tsenang, one of the most well known Tibetan Doctors in the world, to continue educating herself in the field of Tibetan healing.

Mempa Kalzang has been practicing traditional Tibetan Medicine as well as lecturing, and offering workshops and seminars on Tibetan medicine in Montpellier, France 2006 at second international forum on Buddhism and Medicine for Depression and at various universities in the United States including Stanford University, the University of California at San Francisco and Santa Cruz, City College of San Francisco, and Rice University in Texas. She lectured at the 1998 and 2003 Congress of Tibetan Medicine in Washington D.C., as well as the California State Oriental Medical Association Conference in 2002 and 2003.

Mempa Kalzang is the founder and director of the Tibetan Wellness & Healing Center in San Francisco (www.tibetanhealth.com). She has taught Tibetan medicine courses at Five Branches Institute, Santa Cruz, California.

Mempa Kalzang closely works with the Shang Shung Institute in Conway, Massachusetts as one of the original curriculum developers and consultant in the planning of a certificate program in Tibetan Medicine (www.shangshunginstitute.org).

Mempa Kalzang has published articles on Tibetan medicine in Mandala Magazine, a Tibetan Buddhist Journal, in June/July Issue 2004 (Tibetan Healing) and June/July 2005 (Integrating Tibetan and western medicine in the treatment of Anxiety).

27 Sep

Greenline Pharmacy: Quality drugs online

Product list

About us


Our Mission

Canadian online pharmacy was established in 2003 and since that time hassatisfied the needs of thousands of clients. We are fully licensedpharmacy whose main goal is to provide quality healthcare productsonline.

Our clientele consists of more then 40% of American citizens, alongwith millions of others worldwide, who do not have health insuranceor have only partial coverage and do not have an opportunity to ordermedications at land-based drugstores because of extremely highprices. Our pharmacy also caters to those costumers who are seeking ahigher level of privacy and product availability, which the Internetprovides. By joining us, you will be able to appreciate theconvenience of online ordering.

Our Products

Every product you purchase from us is either approved by the NationalMinistry of Health in each source country, equivalent to the USFDA,or in the case of our International generics, is manufactured in anFDA approved facility. Usually, we provide generic drugs because themanufacturers of these drugs are not required to duplicate theoriginal medical studies proving the safety and efficiency of theirchemical compounds. They can produce generic versions at much lowercosts, thus passing the savings on to the consumer. We are happy tobring you a huge selection of drugs at the lowest possible prices.You do no need any prior prescription; our store is open 24 hours aday, and our costumers are able to buy medications at any timeconvenient for them.

With most prescription medications you can save up to 70% compared toaverage US retail price. Our prices are much lower than those of mostUS pharmacies because we do not have to spend anything on marketing,and we do not pay taxes since the products comes to your countryunregistered. The manufacturers are located in offshore zones, andthey provide us with medications at very low price.

Our Shipping

We provide our costumers with fast, worldwide shipping. Your orderwill arrive at your doorstep within two to three weeks of when wereceive your completed order and valid prescription. Canadian online pharmacy provides one of the fastest delivery times in the Canadian online pharmacy mail order industry. We guarantee the delivery of yourproduct. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase from Canadian online pharmacy, simply return the product and we will refund you100% of its value, including the shipping cost.

Support & Privacy

We have toll free US numbers, a US correspondence address, andoperators at hand to help costumers place orders or check up on anexisting order. Weare obliged to observe the complete privacy of our costumers, whichis ensured by means of a secure transaction sever.
We provide our costumers with a friendly, quality support service andalways try to minimize the response time for any inquires.
You may contact our Costumer Support Service any time you want viae-mail or by phone.
Weappreciate our costumers, and to show this, we have developed aflexible discount and bonus system. All returning costumers receiveup to a 10% discount on all orders, free shipping, etc. We try to doour best to satisfy any, even the most refined, desires of ourclients.

Our pharmacists

pharmacists_1  pharmacists_2

At Canadian online pharmacy the quality and safety of our medications are two of the most important commitments we make to our patients. Our fully licensed professional Pharmacists are dedicated to providing the highest levels of quality care, sincere interest in and empathy for the health of patients. Your health and wellness is the main focus of our Pharmacy team, the highest level of care and attention is taken to ensure your safety and well being.

Our Pharmacy

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Canadian online pharmacy has had the trust of its customers since 2003. We are proud of our 6 years of helping people lead more healthy lives. We will always use the highest quality medications in our online pharmacy for your safety.

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We are happy to bring you a huge selection of drugs at the lowest possible prices. You do not need any prior prescription; our store is open 24 hours a day, and our consumers are able to buy medications at any time convenient for them.

Our Support Team

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We have toll free US numbers, a US correspondence address, and operators at hand to help consumers place orders or check up on an existing order. We are obliged to observe the complete privacy of our consumers, which is ensured by means of a secure transaction sever.

We provide our costumers with a friendly, quality support service and always try to minimize the response time for any inquires. You may contact our Customer Support Service any time you want via e-mail or by phone.

We appreciate our consumers, and to show this, we have developed a flexible discount and bonus system. All returning costumers receive up to a 15% discount on all orders, free shipping, etc. We try to do our best to satisfy any, even the most refined, desires of our clients.

Payment options



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26 Sep

Weight Loss

If you are like me, you’ve tried every diet ever invented. I’ve personally delved into everything from diet pills to the 6 day grapefruit diet. I’ve tried eating only steaks and eggs. I’ve tried Weight Watchers and Nutri Systems. I even tried not eating. With each diet I started, I would always end up even more frustrated, more depressed and feeling more deprived than I was before.

Along with every unsuccessful weight loss attempt I experienced, I was determined there must be some medical reason for my personal failures. I hypothesized that maybe I had a slow metabolism which prevented me from ever losing weight. Maybe the reason I couldn’t get my weight off was simply due to the work of my ancestors. They had passed down that “fluffy’ gene which prohibited me from ever being thin. Perhaps the reason I couldn’t lose weight was due to the fact that I wasn’t eating enough. (I always liked this one.) Or maybe I had an underactive thyroid and that prevented me from being successful in the weight loss game.

What Being Over Weight Cost Me

Me Before
Me Before

Needless to say, I concocted every excuse I could think up to justify why I was unable to have true weight loss success. I would wonder if I’d ever be able to get my weight off. I used to daydream of what it would be like to not be self conscious about my figure. Would I ever be able to just go out and enjoy myself without first pre judging what sort of outfits and activities would be required? Always, before accepting any social invitation, I’d first determine whether or not I’d have to wear shorts or if I could get away with pants and heaven forbid, a bathing suit be required for the activity. If that were the case, I’d definitely have to turn down the invitation .

I think back now on how much being over weight influenced how I lived my life. There were so many fun activities I turned down because I felt like I might look bad. There were also many situations that I was in, and because of the way I felt about my body, I wasn’t able to fully enjoy myself. I was constantly feeling self conscious and depressed about not being able to lose weight, which in turn gave way to me feeling like I just wanted to eat even more. Food was the only comfort I had and after I’d indulge myself in items like an entire bag of cookies, a gallon of ice cream or a whole stick of cookie dough, I was left feeling even more depressed and absolutely hopeless!

Finding a Solution

Me Right Before Trying These Products
Me right before trying these products

My desperation to lose weight, regardless of the risks, overpowered my better judgement and I started taking prescription diet pills. At first I lost several pounds, but it was the energy boost that got me hooked. I took this deadly prescription for two years. I never got my weight under control, nor did I learn healthy eating habits. Instead, I became addicted to the mood enhancing aspect of the pills and the thought of quitting them cold turkey made me very nervous. I was afraid that when I got off them, I’d balloon up, eat everything in the refrigerator and go through a deep depression. At that time, I was also on medication for asthma, allergies, a stomach ulcer and depression. I literally didn’t know if I was coming or going. Nevertheless, I was committed to getting off this diet pill prescription and finding a healthy way to lose this weight and feel like a normal person again.

When I first heard about these products, I was skeptical, a lot like you are. I read an advertisement and it said these products were natural, guaranteed and Dr. Recommended. All three of these aspects eased my suspicion. I thought to myself, if these products are natural, they’d most likely be a whole lot better for me than that prescription. I went on to the guarantee- my thoughts on that were, “Good, when these products don’t work I’ll just get my money back.’ And knowing that they were Dr. recommended gave me more confidence that this wasn’t just some silly person brewing up some concoction in their tub! Basically, I thought I’d give them a shot. What did I have to lose, I had tried everything else, why not give this a try, too.

The Results



The day I started on these products, I felt a tremendous increase in my energy, my mind seemed clearer and for the first time in a long time, I didn’t dream of pulling into every drive through I passed. A funny thing happened, I started craving fruit and vegetables instead of my regular diet of chocolate and cheeses. This entire experience was new to me and I loved it, but like the pessimist I can be, I was wondering how long something like this would really last. I thought for sure it would pass very soon.

But it didn’t pass. I just felt better as the days ticked by. Within the first three weeks of being on these products, with the approval of my doctor, I got off my asthma medication, my allergy medication, my ulcer medication and the anti-depressants. I went on to lose 18 pounds and 23 inches in 45 days. I went from a size 9-10 to a 3-4 in a month and a half and I kept the weight off for 2 1/2 years. For the first time, I found control around food. Food no longer rules me. I found the most unbelievable experience of health and vitality. I no longer have the depression I used to feel daily and I truly have the freedom and energy to really enjoy my life.



I have since gone through 2 pregnancies on these products. I took the health products throughout both pregnancies and I felt fabulous! During both pregnancies, I gained a significant amount of weight- 65 pounds. I wasn’t nervous about not being able to take it off afterwards because I knew I had the weight loss products to help me again.

On both occasions, after I delivered tremendously healthy babies, I was able to take the weight off within 4 months. I took the weight loss products while I was nursing the babies and was able to get back into my size 4’s , no problem!

These products have given me my life back. I shutter to think were I might be today if I hadn’t simply tried them. Do the same…give them a try!

You’ve tried it all, now try something that works!

26 Sep

Hi my fellow healthy hair LOVERS

Now I’ve been on my journey for three years now and this is my very first time wearing a wig/weave since starting my journey.. Now before I started my journey I was all over it, taking better care of the wig/weave than my natural hair, hence starting my HHJ. Now that I know better while my hair is tucked away, I’m taking great care of my hair underneath this PS. I bring it (my hair) out once a week for either a wash or a co wash. I moisturize and seal every other night. Being that my hair isn’t exposed I’m able to keep the moisture in.

I’m not into spending a pretty penny on hair especially since having children and not even knowing if I’m going to like the hair so for my first time back at the wigs/weaves, I just purchased my hair from my local beauty supply store. The hair is Model Model soho curls long, it says 100% human hair 4 bundles came in the pack, inches were two 14″ and two 16″. I did co-wash the hair before making the u-part using my Suave’s professional. This was actually my first time making my own u-part wig and it was very, very, simple.

This is my second week and this hair is holding up incredibly. It still very soft, little shedding to no shedding and no tangles which is awesome. I really love the way it came out. Tell me what you think.

                                                             Until Next Time

                                             ~ ”   ~”   ~”   ~”

26 Sep

Everything You Need to Know About the Solution to Our Health Care Systems in The Health Care Cure

Downsizing to reduce the staff providing direct patient care is frustrating to everyone delivering health care. The frustration is made worse by direct HMO scrutiny of hospitalized patients to push those patients out of the hospital more quickly. This factor, combined with the effects of downsizing, can sometimes be lethal for a patient. The enormous pressure on staff not only affects patient care, it also results in early retirement, the quitting of seasoned professionals (who opt for other careers), and a worsening situation due to the loss of the hospital’s best front-line providers.

While everyone tolerates the nonsense with waning hope that things will get better, only employers and insurers appear pleased by this new health care environment. Patients don’t often recognize the plight of providers because providers continue to feel that these behind-the-scenes issues might worry their patient and don’t want to upset patients with health system nonsense. One nurse summed up her service to HMO patients in the hospital by saying, “We protect people from both the hospital and the HMO, and I think the system stinks. I feel sorry for people who get sick and have to come here…If I ever get sick and my doctor wants to admit me here, I’d beg him to try and treat me at home!”

Our nursing crisis has been developing since the early 1980s. The crisis began with cutbacks in payment for services by Medicare, but worsened under managed care. Hospital administrators began to cut personnel to reduce the overhead of operations, and nurses were considered their highest paid overhead. Nurses represent the front line in patient care, and the experience of nurses can often make or break a patient’s hospital stay. Hospitals altered their nursing patient care responsibilities using business models, and the changes directly and indirectly affected patient care.

25 Sep

Bigger isn’t always better. This study about primary care physician practices proves it.

In primary care, like many other things, bigger isn’t always better. And in the case of primary care physician practices, ” backs it up.

It’s no secret among those who know me well that I have a strong affinity for small businesses and have long held that small and mid-size businesses are the backbone of our country’s economy. In an age of instant gratification where many flip businesses like houses, I find more often than not that it’s the small businesses and their leaders that champion the vision of building and sustaining meaningful companies committed to serving their clients while consistently providing jobs for themselves, their families and others in their communities. And, it’s the small businesses and their leaders that consistently prove to be the innovators.

The study is titled “”” and was recently published by “.

This study supports my notion and could also be instructive to you, your family and even your employees when it comes to selecting a Primary Care Physician geared to the combination of the best care AND the best cost…

 вЂњ[T]he common assumption that bigger is better should not be accepted without question, at least in practices of 19 or fewer physicians,” the authors conclude. The authors also question the practice of insurers typically paying lower rates to physicians in smaller practices, which typically have no negotiating leverage. Such an approach may well be shortsighted, they say, since the lower preventable admission rates achieved by small practices compared with large groups can mean lower overall costs for patient care…”

25 Sep

Driving the Point Home

My dear girlfriends- be it known-I am a terrible driver. Perhaps because I no longer drive on a regular basis. That being said- I was never a fan of cars even before I returned mine for a bicycle.

Perhaps my lack of “car love” is because I think shoes are the be all and end all- try driving a sports car with a pair of great heels on your feet- not going to happen. You now understand my point. Understand my girlfriends, that the whole driving thing is way over-rated. In fact I am quite convinced that I will be one of those women in her 70’s who looks forward to havin her license taken away- just so I can hire a driver.

Please know, I was not always a driving hater.

I do believe my husband first fell in love with me when we were first dating and I would drive him to University in my 1992 Dodge Colt. I drove with my knees while putting on a full face of makeup using the rear view mirror as easily as a one of those fancy bathroom magnifying mirrors. I drank my morning coffee, smoked my morning cigarette (heaven forbid the driving should be the only way I would risk my life) and still got us to class on time.

I have no doubt he was petrified and perhaps this has easily contributed to his new found love for walking everywhere. They say that often love spawns out of situations where one is fearful for one’s life…. In fact there is evidence that the brain secretes the same hormones during life threatening experiences as it does when one is in love. Neurohormones such as oxyytocin and Dopamine are at their peak during times of extreme stress and interestingly also at their peak during times of extreme pleasure…

You’ve all heard the stories; the urban love legends, so to speak. The couple met on a plane during turbulence and a hurricane and bad weather made them fasten their seatbelts and commit their lives to one another all while securing their own oxygen masks before helping to assist another.

This is perhaps why they always make contestants on shows like The Bachelor, bungee jump off a bridge or a cliff strapped to each other.

And yes, this is partially why my husband fell in love with me. I drove him to University each morning of our courtship and proceeded to apply a full face of make up (complete with mascara and eyelash curling) while operating the steering wheel with my knees and hoping for the best.

Oh admit it dear girlfriends… you’ve all done it. In fact according to an article published in the London Telegraph on October 2, 2009, 27% of women surveyed in the United Kingdom confessed to putting on makeup while driving. In fact 3% of all accidents in the UK are caused by this, one such resulting in death and a 2 year prison sentence for the offending driver/Max Factor wanna be.

Remember this translates to more than 1 in 5 women. Now let’s do some “Girl Math”. Consider that when it comes to areas of blame, guilt, calories and alcohol, all women lie. We lie about our weight, whether we our angry and if something is indeed our fault (Honey- if you are reading this- please stop immediately). So the 27% of women who indeed ADMITTED to putting on makeup is more likely to be 97%. Furthermore, add another 20% for the women who do not consider lipstick to be “make-up” and you have a whopping total of 117% of women using their rear view mirror for “true applications” so to speak…

And so I no longer drive. I do however take taxis from time to time and there in the back seat I create my very own SEPHORA counter on the way to my destination. The roads are inevitably a safer place and after 16 years… my husband safely (now an avid walker) still is madly in love with his wife.