23 Jan

15 Unhealthy Foods That You Think Are Healthy But Are Actually Killing You Slowly

There are many terms that are misleading in the food advertising industry today. Think of how many times you see the following phrases plastered all over food containers:

* Fat Free
* Reduced Fat
* Low Fat
* Sugar Free
* No Added Sugar
* Diet [Insert Product Name Here]

Let us examine some examples of nasty food that is supposed to be healthy:

1. Diet Soda

Why is it good? A sugar free version of the popular carbonated beverage that you can drink on the go.

Why is it bad? OK, so soda is horrible for you, but take out the sugar and add in carcinogenic artificial sweeteners, combined with the artificial flavors and colors that are in all sodas, and you have a recipe for Tumor in a Can. Then of course we have the caffeine factor, which is linked to hyperactivity, high blood pressure, and can mess with your blood sugar.

Instead choose: filtered water and the occasional glass of milk or goats milk

2. Sushi made with white rice and imitation crab meat or vegetables

Why is it good? Seaweed contains essential nutrients such as selenium, calcium, iodine, and omega-3 fats. Sushi is nearly always wrapped in seaweed.

Why is it bad? This garbage does not deserve to be called sushi. They are just small, compact, high glycemic, high calorie, carbohydrate nuggets. There is not even much protein in these things. Eat 3-4 of them and you’ve had your serving for the day. Aside from that, imitation crab meat is not even good for you. It is mostly just a crab flavored tofu-like substance fortified with sugar, sugar, and more sugar.

Instead choose: In order to get some healthy carbs, some high-quality protein, and the benefits of omega-3 fats, choose real sushi made with salmon or tuna. To make it even healthier, order sashimi instead of white rice.

3. Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter

Why is it good? All peanut butter provides a heart-healthy substantial quantity of monounsaturated fat.

Why is it bad? Most commercial peanut butters are made with the same type of sugar that cake frosting is made with. Reducing the fat makes it even worse because even MORE nasty sugar is added and they contain less healthy fat. I would rather just eat the extra calories.

Instead choose: Choose almonds or all natural organic peanut butter instead. Just remember to pour off the top layer of oil and replace it with olive oil if the resulting peanut brick is too stiff. Olive oil is very low in omega-6 fats.

4. Fat-Free or Reduced Fat Salad Dressing

Why is it good? Less fat means less calories. Plus that salad dressing fat is lard just like mayo and Crisco. Sick.

Why is it bad? Firstly because when fat comes out, sugar goes in. Either that or artificial flavors and sweeteners. Secondly, since many vegetables are fat soluble, taking away the fat from the dressing means fewer of the salad nutrients will be absorbed into your body. This was confirmed by a study at Ohio State University wherein a higher fat salad dressing resulted in an increased uptake of the antioxidants lutein and beta-carotene.

Instead choose: A salad dressing made with olive oil, or just use olive oil and vinegar as your salad dressing. If you try it you might like it.

5. Anything made with Soy

Why is it good? It’s not. But in the spirit of argument: vegetarians and vegans eat the stuff so they can get protein in their diets. Yay ::sarcasm:: Plus the stuff is apparently low in fat and an alternative to whey for the lactose intolerant.

Why is it bad? Straight up, soy is linked to lower testosterone and increased estrogen in males, and is also linked to increased breast cancer in women. Soy also promotes hypothyroidism, thyroid cancer, and infertility. Soy is extremely destructive to infants, as it can effect development in many adverse ways.

Instead choose: any high protein whole food such as brown rice, goats milk, coconut milk, almond milk, whole grains, nuts, seaweeds, seeds, beans, and lentils. As a side note, goats milk is considered one of the healthiest foods on the planet today, so give it a try.

6. Fruit Juice, Dried Fruit, and Fruit Cocktail

Why is it good? Well because fruit is good for you. It has a ton of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants; not to mention fiber.

What is it bad? Fruit juice and fruit cocktail normally have sugar added. Some fruit cocktails come in a thick sugary syrup. You get no fiber from fruit juice, and the stuff usually has preservatives added to it.

Instead choose: eat the whole fruit including the skin if possible, but limit it to one serving of fruit per meal/snack to avoid insulin spikes. If you must have fruit cocktail, choose one that comes packed in its own juices instead of syrup.

7. Smartfood (Cheesy Popcorn)

Why is it good? Because cheesy popcorn is oh so tasty.

Why is it bad? Because you are really just eating the popcorn equivalent of potato chips. Seriously, compare total calories and you will find that you are not saving much on the calorie front by eating Smartfood instead of chips.

Instead choose: get some spray butter, pop some plain popcorn, spray a light coat of spray butter on the popped corn, sprinkle various spices on the corn (but go easy on the salts), and shake it up in a bad. Now you have a low fat tasty treat.

8. Beans packed in sugary syrups such as Boston Baked Beans

Why is it good? Baked beans are good for you because these types of beans are loaded with fiber

Why is it bad? The sugary syrup, just as much as in a can of soda, is just going to spike your blood sugar and insulin levels. This is never good for preventing heart disease or type II onset diabetes.

Instead choose: Red kidney beans. These things are packed with protein and fiber, and can be mixed with any sort of salad or pasta. Sometimes I enjoy kidney beans straight out of the can; no cooking, just wash and chow.

9-15. Granola, White Pasta, Pasta Salad, English Muffins, Bagels, Croutons, and Pretzels

Why is it good? Granola has some fiber, pasta salad has some vegetables, croutons make our salad crunchy, English muffins are one step up from bagels, and pretzels are a quick low-fat snack.

Why is it bad? One word: carbohydrates. All of these foods are made with corn syrup and/or processed white flour. These foods will spike your blood sugar faster than Bruce Lee could have kicked you in the face. You also will not get much nutrition in the way of protein, fiber, vitamins, or minerals from any of these foods.

Instead choose: 100% whole grain or whole wheat pasta and English muffins for increased fiber and protein. Egg salad because, like it or not, eggs are good for you and are high in protein. Almond slices are high in omega-3 fats and are crunchy like croutons. Substitute healthy nuts for white starches whenever you can and you too can receive a 30% less chance of heart disease.

22 Jan

What To Do After Your Cancer Diagnosis

Few words strike more fear into people than the word cancer. The fear of what might happen can in itself be very damaging to an individuals’s physical and mental health. So, it is crucial to arm yourself with information and advice that help you take positive action. This article contains some useful facts that can help you to do that.

Switching out coffee for green tea can help you to prevent catching cancer. Coffee will not necessarily increase your risks, but if you need a caffeine boost, green tea is full of EGCG and polyphenols. These substances help prevent cancer in the colon, liver, prostate, breast, and other areas of the body.

Find reliable sources for cancer information. General Internet searches can turn up a mix of reliable and unreliable cancer information, which can be difficult to wade through and figure out what to believe. For accurate, reliable information visit your hospital’s resource center or library. Also visit websites of reputable hospitals and government agencies. Issues of cancer journals are also a good source of up-to-date information.

Perform self-exams on your skin regularly. This can be the surest way to detect small changes and fight skin cancer early. Exams can be done when you have just finished showering. You should check your body thoroughly, and look for any moles that have changed in shape or appearance.

Cancer is a very depressing disease. Knowing this, one of the best things that you can do for a person who is diagnosed with cancer is to add humor to their day. Humor is known to be the best medicine. Also make sure to be sensitive to their feelings when making jokes.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer you need to quit smoking right away. Many people with cancer make the mistake of thinking that they should not quit smoking because they are already sick. The carcinogens that are in the cigarettes can greatly decrease the chances of your body making a full recovery.

If you have a friend or loved one suffering from cancer, there are many ways to show your love and support. One way is to accompany the person to doctor appointments and chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Cancer can be a lonely disease, and having a supportive partner can do wonders to lift the spirits of the one fighting it.

Install a panic button of some kind in your bathroom. You are going to need to shower regularly and there are going to be days that you are weaker than others. If you find yourself in the position that you need help, you need to be able to alert someone that you need that help.


Keep moving to reduce your risk of getting cancer. Staying physically active has great benefits for your overall health and can also prevent cancer. There is no reason to not keep moving. Moderate amounts of exercise, as little as 30 minutes a day, can help to decrease cancer risk and boost health.

A balanced diet is imperative for preventing cancer. A diet that is high in cholesterol and fat, especially the fat from animals, has been linked to causing colon cancer. A balanced diet that includes high fiber foods such as fruits, grains, and vegetables, can decrease the risk of colon cancer.

Cancer Cure

Watch out for cancer treatment scams. After being diagnosed with cancer, you may feel desperate to try any treatment you can find. However, you should be careful and fully research any treatment method you are considering. If a cancer “cure” sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Discuss and research the treatment with a reputable doctor or government agency before deciding on any treatment.

The things we do not know about are the most dangerous to us. At least knowing that you have cancer, as gloomy and scary as it is, puts you in the position to do something about it. Use the information you’ve learned here to be proactive. Do all within your power to fight it, and to continue to live a happy and productive life.

21 Jan

How To Lose Stomach Fat – Find The Absolute Best Way Today

How to lose stomach fat is perhaps the most frequently asked question found in forums, blogs and help websites. Some people might expect to receive answers like a quick solution to lose stomach fat. In order to get rid of belly fat, a person should consider so many things. These considerations include exercises, a well thought-out diet plan, and a diet supplement to help burn fat and suppress the appetite. A caution about diet pills; not all the slimming pills work. Getting a supplement that works is an essential part of a weight loss program. To find out how to lose stomach fat effectively, read on:

Engage in fat belly exercises

One of the most valuable ways to lose stomach fat is to do exercises to flatten belly. When a person has tone and flat stomach, it exudes confidence and finality of an exercise regimen that worked. As a beginner, a person should do light exercises such as bicycle exercise. The exercise has a pedaling motion, and no equipment is necessary to do this. Another exercise is the crunches. For beginners, there is equipment for this in order to lessen the strain on the neck and do effective crunches every time. Anyone can do advanced form of these exercises. Anyone can find many video demonstrations on the Internet. This is one way of getting rid of belly fat.

How lose stomach fat – eating right

Experts in the field of obesity explain that eating certain selection of foods can help to lose belly fat. Experts’ advice includes eating a low carbohydrate, high-protein diet is one of the best ways to help flatten belly. How much a person eats and the manner of which the meals consumed also affects weight loss. According to the experts, dividing the meals into two smaller servings is better than three large servings per day. Instead of three meals a day, a person should eat six smaller meals eaten in intervals. This method is a necessity to prevent a person from deviating from the diet plan.

How to lose stomach fat by choosing an effective diet pill

Why choose a diet pill that burns fat when everyone can choose a complete solution in one bottle? A dietary supplement completes the three essential elements to lose weight in general. A product specially made with reputable ingredients should be the first consideration. The only way to know if the pills are effective is to find clinical studies pertaining to the product. Study the lab tests and read reviews on the Internet about a product. The African Mango Plus is a product of discovery, years of research, and formulation. The dietary supplement helps alleviate most of the obesity-related health problems. These health issues include diabetes, hypertension, certain cancers, stress, PMS symptoms, constipation, and even insomnia.

The seed extracts effectively turns on the production of a hormone called Leptin. The hormone is responsible for keeping minimum body mass index. Other ingredients in the product can effectively cuts cancer-promoting elements, and detoxify the body. The side effects are, in fact, indicators that signify the product is working. A person may temporarily feel feverish, and this means that the detoxification process is forthcoming. Follow expert tips outlined above on how to lose stomach fat.

21 Jan

Benefits and Deficits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

After establishing that hormonal replacement therapy depends on two major factors, age and time, we are now establishing the benefits of using bioidentical hormones and synthetic ones. The article discusses this and more.

The hormone therapy for women Charlotte NC, constitutes of bioidentical hormones and synthetic hormones. The bioidentical hormones can be defined as hormones with the same molecular structure as those present in our bodies. Signature Wellness provides bioidentical hormonal treatment, as we believe that they are gentler than the synthetics. The research has further supported the fact and therefore bioidentical hormones are being more proffered.

However, it is important to understand that hormonal therapy is not always right for any kind of women, irrespective of the therapy being synthetic or natural in nature. The treatment should be specified for the women undergoing the menopausal symptoms. Each patient should be revaluated, which will help in partaking informed decisions about whether to begin or continue the treatment. It is important that women take in the minimal dosage of hormones as possible. Most practitioners recommend it. Women should also understand that HRT is not a source of youth and therefore should be taken only when needed. The risks and benefits are associated with the individual’s capability.

If some of us are wondering whether the benefits of HRT actually outweigh the risks, then we can consider the following questions:

* Is the age less than 60 years?
* Are we close to menopause and still having symptoms?
* Is there a history of breast cancer, endometrial cancer, liver diseases or ovarian cancer?
* Is quality of life severely affected by the symptoms?

When a doctor sits with a patient considering to undergo the treatment, it is important to check the age, the proximity to menopause, medical history and the quality of life. If wondering how the quality of life affects, research has shown that certain risks are associated by this. There are doctors who dismiss the same. Sometimes it is important to keep a check on the hormonal levels. Ultimately, it depends on the woman whether they want to undergo the treatment. The decision should be made after analyzing all the pros and cons. Study has shown that the risks associated with the HRT goes down for women whose age is less than 60 or less than ten years from their menopause. HRT is less risky for women who do not have any history of breast cancer, liver disease or endometrial cancer.

Signature Wellness understands that there are different set of circumstances that will determine the personal risks. Based on the new studies, and experience, the therapy can be considered safe, if the following guidelines are met:

* The patient is younger, less than 60 and close to menopause, and the hormones are still creating havoc in the body.
* The woman does not have any history of breast cancer, liver disease or endometrial cancer.
* The woman uses bioidentical hormonal treatment rather than synthetic ones
* Is ready for the use of transdermal, sublingual, or transvaginal melt forms of HRT rather than the pills that needs to be swallowed.
* HRT does not happen more than five to seven years.

The media can make it seem that there are hardly any options when talking about health. However, if the patient adopted a more holistic approach, there are thousands of options available. It is important to think through the pros and cons and follow accordingly.

20 Jan

Natural Treatment is an Advanced Approach to Heal Fissures

An anal fissure is a small split or tear in the thin moist tissue lining the lower rectum. Anal fissure can cause pain, bleeding and/or itching. Anal fissures are extremely common in young infants but may occur at any age. Studies suggest eighty percent of infants will have had an anal fissure by the end of the first year. The rate of anal fissures decreases rapidly with age. Fissures are less common among school-aged children than infants.
An anal fissure can develop when the anal tissue is damaged during a hard and dry bowel movement which tears the anal lining. The anal fissure can also develop due to higher than normal pressure in the anal sphincters. Diarrhea and inflammation of the anorectal area can also cause an anal fissure. Many women during childbirth develop an anal fissure.
Other causes of anal fissure are: digital insertion during examination, foreign body insertion, or anal intercourse. Anal fissure may be caused by other health conditions, such as: abdominal pain, fever, weight loss, Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease that causes bloody diarrhea, syphilis, a suppressed immune system, tuberculosis, HIV infection, and anal cancer. A low fiber diet may also contribute to the development of a fissure.
Those with anal fissures typically experience sharp, stinging or burning anal pain that worsens with bowel movements. The pain following a bowel movement may be brief or long lasting and subsides between bowel movements. Bleeding in small amounts, itching and a foul-smelling discharge may occur due to the discharge of pus from the fissure. Blood mixed with the stool indicates some other conditions like colon cancer and inflammatory bowel disease.
To diagnose anal fissure, your general practitioner will ask you about your symptoms and the type of pain that you have been experiencing. They may also ask you about your toilet habits. In order to confirm a diagnosis of an anal fissure, your general practitioner usually needs to carry out a physical examination. They will need to examine your anus by gently parting your buttocks. In most cases, your general practitioner will be able to see the fissure.
However, if your general practitioner cannot see any signs of a fissure, they may press gently on the edge of your anus. If you have an anal fissure, you will usually experience some pain when gentle pressure is applied. Very rarely, your general practitioner may need to perform a rectal examination in order to diagnose an anal fissure.
If your general practitioner thinks that something more serious causes your anal fissure, they may refer you to a specialist for a more thorough investigation. The type of specialist you will be referred to will depend on the suspected cause of your fissure. Like other small cuts or tears to the skin, an anal fissure will often heal by itself within a few weeks.
However, you may require treatment to help ease the pain and discomfort that anal fissure causes. It is very important that you visit your general practitioner if you have the signs and symptoms of an anal fissure as it may be caused by underlying conditions. If this is the case and the condition is not treated, the fissure may not be able to heal and the problem will reoccur.
There are a number of treatments that can encourage your anal fissure to heal, as well as easing your pain. Home treatment of an acute anal fissure may take a few days, while healing of a chronic anal fissure may take more than six weeks. In case an anal fissure does not heal, it should be reexamined to determine if an underlying problem exist. In same cases surgery may be necessary.
Natural anal fissure treatment prevents bleeding and helps to heal damaged tissue effectively. The success of this method is via merging the power of homeopathic medicine with soothing botanicals. The therapeutic agents are particularly well suited to ease burning rectal pain. The product contains homeopathic ingredients, which is a remedy for sore, raw, pulsating and painful wounds.
The botanicals blended into natural anal fissure treatments provide wonderful soothing relief, have cleansing properties, and promote healthy skin. As is known, chemical synthetic drugs have a strong side effect and can cause canceration and malformation to the body. While the ingredients of natural drugs are biological organics and essential materials that are useful and harmless. Natural treatment is an advanced approach for fissures. To learn more, please go to http://www.forcesofnatureusa.com.

19 Jan

Acid Reflux : Effective Herbal Remedies For The Cure Of GERD

Most people experience gastric upsets. But for some people it can be a regular problem resulting in pain and discomfort. Heartburns and pains and acidic taste in your mouth can be symptoms of gastro esophageal reflux or acid reflux disease. The frequency varies from person to person. It may be experienced daily or even monthly or every time your food intake schedule is disturbed.

The symptoms are triggered when the food return back from the stomach to the esophagus causing irritation. In normal case, the food that goes into the stomach is prevented from coming back by a set of muscle fibres called lower esophageal sphincter, or LES.

It is best to avoid certain foods and habits to reduce this heart burn. Fatty, fried and spicy food is in no ways good for people who have gastric problems. Alcohol and smoking should be completely avoided. Proper food habits, more of fruits and vegetables (avoid tomatoes), proper exercise and sleep can reduce the trouble of acidity to a great extent. Stress busters should be an integral part of your daily routine and ways to remain calm and happy should be adopted to help the smooth functioning of your digestive system.

Antacids can reduce the discomfort for a while but they aren’t a great help to cure the disease. Water can dilute the acids in the stomach but again it is just to an extent and a temporary help. The medicines prescribed for this disease do have negative side effects and hence it would be better to resort to herbal remedies for the cure of the same.

Apple cider vinegar can be used to reduce the effects of acid reflux. It can be taken diluted with water and has no side effects. Water is a magical cure for most diseases and so it is for acid reflux. Drink sufficient water to keep your system toxin free.

It is important to identify the kind of foods that trigger acidity in your stomach and avoid them. Citric fruits and juices should be avoided, so should onions and fried foods. It is also better to avoid ice-creams and milk shakes, unfortunately. Coffee and tea can disturb your digestive system even more. Chocolates, salad dressings and desserts also are better avoided so as to maintain a comfortable digestive cycle.

It is ideal to have smaller meals and to have your dinner at least 2 hours before your retire to bed. Over eating is a big NO. Complex carbohydrates can absorb some of the acid and hence include more whole grains into your diet, more of rice, whole grain breads and pasta. Also, an apple a day can keep the acid reflux away.

Most important, do not take acid refluxes lightly. It can lead to esophageal cancer and requires medical intervention. Do not delay in consulting a doctor and have regular check ups as a preventive therapy. It is important to be aware of what is happening to your body so as to enable you to act accordingly towards better health and well being.

18 Jan

What is Silymarin? Discover It's Beneficial Health Properties

Silymarin is a flavonoid found in the ripe seeds of the common milk thistle plant. In many areas, the plant is considered an invasive weed, but it is also a natural medicine. You have probably seen it growing on roadsides and in untended fields. It is a thorny plant with a lovely purple flower that attracts numerous butterflies during the spring and summer months, when it is in bloom.

It was used by traditional healers to treat cirrhosis, jaundice, and hepatitis, as well as gallbladder disease. It is currently a favorite adjunctive therapy for hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS. Silibinin, another flavonoid found in milk thistle, is used to counter ingestion of poisonous mushrooms.

All flavonoids have antioxidant activity. Increased flavonoid intake is believed to help prevent heart disease and cancer, both due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. There may even be other methods of action not yet understood. One of the things that scientists are attempting to do is to explain “why” flavonoids and other antioxidants work as they do. Researchers have found that silymarin inhibits a variety of different processes that lead to carcinogenesis.

There are a number of different health supplements on the market that contain milk thistle extracts. But, the single-ingredient supplements are not likely to be beneficial. The compound is not readily absorbed into the bloodstream. Manufacturers can take steps to address this issue. They can add an enteric coating or include lecithin. Many manufacturers do neither.

The quality of herbal remedies varies greatly, which probably explains why many do not work as they are supposed to. But, when it comes to your long-term health, there is no way to know whether or not it’s working, until it’s too late. The best way to insure that you are getting the actual benefits is to choose a reliable supplement manufacturer.

One thing to look for is the silymarin content. This varies from extract to extract. The highest concentrations provide 85mg of silymarin per 100mg of extract. Another thing to look for is lecithin. It should be included in a 1:1 ratio. If there is 100mg of milk thistle in the product, there should be 100mg of lecithin.

The best manufacturers also include an enteric coating. These coatings protect some of the more delicate nutrients from stomach acid, as well as protecting the stomach from upset. These coating dissolve in the upper intestine where the nutrients can pass directly through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream.

Silymarin is a good choice for anyone that must take anti-inflammatory drugs on a regular basis. It is believed to lessen the damage that these drugs do to the liver. It also has natural anti-inflammatory activity, which may reduce a person’s need for pain medication.

There is evidence that the extract protects against kidney damage. It may be beneficial for controlling blood sugar levels in type II diabetes. When you look at everything that it can do, it may seem unusual, but there are dozens of other plants that have similar activity. Silymarin is a good ingredient for a multi-nutritional supplement, but it is not the only ingredient that we need.

18 Jan

Southern Utah Women's health center to treat Various problems of women effectively

There is nothing that anyone can say to prepare you for childbirth. Every woman’s experience is so different; you never know how it will be for you!” But if you are the right hands, you can be assured that all is well.

At Southern Utah Women’s health center, they ensure the best package deal for you. They appreciate the opportunity you have given them to serve you and recognize your decision to entrust us with your lives. The doctors here are certified by the board and are highly accomplished.
At this St. George pregnancy center, the professionals are known to be specialized in the health care of the women. It is one of the best Utah health care pregnancy clinics. They are experts in the management of pregnancy, childbirth, also infertility and birth control. The staff members here have undergone rigorous training to deal with health care needs of women, from adolescence to menopausal stage.

The first person a woman opens up to about her health care needs is her Gynecologist. Sometimes just a conversation can go great wonders. In order to remain healthy, every woman must regularly visit her gynecologist. As a Gynecologist is the one, who can help her with family planning and cancer screening. At St. George Fertility center, all the doctors are well equipped to deal with every possible situation. Skilled doctors are in charge of pre-natal care and delivery. They would have experts who can handle high -risk obstetrics. They have all the modern facilities here, including Laser-technology. Primarily, the mission is to reach out to as many as possible.

Some of the available services here are as follows:


* Annual physical examination
* Diagnostic in-office ultrasound
* Menopause diagnosis and treatment
* Infertility diagnosis and treatment
* Contraception counseling and treatment
* Endometriosis diagnosis
* Mammography referral


* Cryoablation Therapy
* Laparoscopic assisted and vaginal hysterectomy
* Minimally invasive surgery
* Repair of pelvic relaxation
* Laparoscopic tubal ligation for family planning
* Endometrial Ablation


* LEEP procedures
* Cervical cryotherapy
* Endometrial biopsy for diagnosis of abnormal bleeding


* In office pregnancy testing
* Routine prenatal care and delivery
* High risk obstetric care and delivery
* Ultrasounds Cesarean section

They mainly aim at giving the best health care amenities in Utah. They have dedicated and professional office staffs, who has pledged their services for women health care. The main goal is to provide various efficient services at affordable prices so that it proves to be extremely beneficial for the women.

06 Dec

A womans place on main street

Amber McCann joined the staff of the Main Street Pharmacy in Laurel, Maryland in May of 2008. A stay-at-home mother for the previous 7 years, she was anxious to make a mark on the local community by teaching breastfeeding classes and offering lactation support. When the opportunity afforded itself to join the pharmacy and build a business marrying her current passion with new ones, she jumped at the chance. She quickly received additional training in bra and mastectomy fitting and sought to build a place where women would feel comfortable and supported. She is a Certified Lactation Counselor as well as a Certified Bra and Mastectomy Fitter.

Amber, a native of Mount Vernon, Ohio, received her B.A. in Sociology from Mount Vernon Nazarene College in 1997. After completing her degree, she moved from the green farm land of Ohio to the dirty streets of Skid Row in Los Angeles to work as a social worker and pursue coursework in Urban Ministry. She also worked for COSI, in Columbus, Ohio, a premier science center in the United States. While there, she was a program coordinator for “COSI On Wheels”, which took science based assemblies and activities into elementary schools. Soon after, she began having a family and chose to be home while volunteering with various church, non-profit organizations and mothering groups.

Amber counts it a privilege to be the wife of Justin and the mother to Svea, Rory and Tait. She is involved with the worship team at Bethany Community Church in Laurel and loves to do water aerobics, sew and travel.

05 Dec

Tramadol faq article | tramadol review

Answer 3: As we have very little experience with the social aspects of dependence to Tramadol and the terminology that is needed to say that something is an addiction in the full sense of the word, we will keep things on dependence. Yes, Tramadol can cause dependence. It is a centrally acting painkiller and as such it can cause a certain dependence. In addition to this, it boosts levels of certain chemicals that can also lead to dependence. This is best avoided by sticking with the recommended regimen, but it is still possible to develop dependence, especially if you have been taking Tramadol for a long time. In such situations, it is best to gradually discontinue the medication with a little help from your doctor who will slowly taper down your dosages.

Question 4: Can I drive after I have taken Tramadol?

Answer 4: This depends from one person to the other. While some people are positively knocked out even from the smallest dose of Tramadol, there are those who will feel absolutely no impairment upon ingesting this drug. Of course, those who experience any impairment should not drive under any circumstances as they are not only putting their lives at danger but the lives of others as well.